Ahmed El Dabaja- Content is your customers’ window onto your brand’s soul. Great content marketing starts with great storytelling. Every piece of great content production taps directly into the needs, desires, and aspirations of your customers.

Enticing content educates and engages your website visitors before it tries to sell them. Your content should inspire and motivate them. Your brand positioning can show your visitors how your brand can help them overcome their challenges to solve their problems. Content can welcome your visitors into the fold and make them feel part of your product group.

Find Your Brand’s Voice

your brands voice

Your content is the voice of your brand. Think about your brand’s persona, how it comes across to visitors, whether they are consuming a blog post, an image gallery, videos, whitepapers, eBooks, or case studies. Strive for a consistent voice; be it via your Home page, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter feed when communicating.

In shaping your brand’s voice, think deeply about your voice’s character, tone, language, and purpose. Consider how this voice might morph when engaging with different segments of your target audience before you leap into content production.

 Diversify Your Content Forms

Once you have found your voice, think about how best to connect with your audience. Inspired content marketing is about more than words. Images and videos are powerful communication tools. They bring your brand to life by tapping into your visitors’ emotions and passions, forging shared connections.


Mix and match your content forms to reflect the interests of your audience, the depth of their connection with your brand, and their position in the buying cycle. Look to strategically employ blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, infographics, podcasts, and case studies where they attract your visitors’ attention, whether they act as thought leadership items, lead magnets, or testimonials.

Don’t be afraid to use customer created content, particularly on social media. Customer feedback can be a powerful force, showcasing your brand’s authenticity, attracting new visitors, and converting existing customers to advocates.

Great Design Wins!

content design wins

Our brains are wired to respond to color, graphics, and images at a subliminal level before the text even registers. Information wrapped around outstanding design commands attention and activity solicits engagement.

Great content lumbered with poor design will struggle to attract and retain your visitor’s attention. Visually lush content has a far greater chance of success.


Build An Audience

build an audience online

If you successfully build an audience over time you can successfully sell them. Focus on your content niche and build out a loyal audience. Brands with huge audiences often struggle because they over-focus on individual campaigns at the expense of serving their audience.




3 Common Content Mistakes

content marketing errors

Creating vibrant content that engages your audience takes time, investment, and talent. All too often, brands rush their content production and make elementary mistakes:

  • Spelling Mistakes and Grammatical Errors:
  • Poor Value:
  • Missing Call To Action:

Ensure your content doesn’t languish unloved and untended. Implement a publishing schedule to regularly review and refresh your content. Up to date content is critical to maintaining your brand’s credibility and authority.

5 Tips For Revolutionizing Your Content

revolutionise your content

Content marketing has evolved significantly in the past two years. There are clear lessons to be learned which can help your business with its brand positioning by adopting five key learning’s:

  • Tell Stories:
  • Demonstrate empathy:
  • Identify common ground:
  • Demystify complex topics:
  • Keep it real:


Publishing and Managing Your Content

Once the main elements of your content strategy are in place, map out a plan for how you will publish and maintain your content assets moving forward. Implement an editorial calendar governing what content you publish where and when. Complement this with a social media content calendar to promote and publish your content on your social media feeds.

You will discover some content is comparatively timeless, while other content elements have an expiry date and need to be retired and replaced by fresh content.

Build out a program of content ideas but be tactically flexible enough to substitute an alternate content item for a planned one if a relevant topic trends, and you have the opportunity to drive a spike in your website traffic.

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